Data Exchange

We provide safe methods to get the most out of your data.

IrisBG supports exchange of data with external software and recipients. It is important for us that you should be able to share your data and benefit from all the work you have invested. In order to achieve this we are continuously working on improving the data exchange facilities in IrisBG.

We support two methods of data exchange as described below.

Data export using reports

Reports are available as a standard feature in IrisBG and we pay much attention to improving their functionality and usability. We have tailored exports for BGCI and Darwin Core 2. The latter can be used for transfer to GBIF and other databases. We will add new reports upon request.

The integrated IrisBG Task Scheduler can be used to automate report exports. It can also be used to automate uploads of data to Web Explorer.

Customized data export and import

To fulfil our mission about data exchange we will develop integration solutions in cooperation with third parties. An integration can be creation of interfaces (closed APIs) or use of existing functionality. We will maintain and provide full support for the integrations we create.

The integrity, quality and safety of your data are very important for us. To protect the data we do not allow direct access to the database or any use of components in the IrisBG software.

Please get in touch for a discussion of possibilities and terms of use.