Benefits of IrisBG

IrisBG provides several benefits to its users and to the public.
The most important ones are listed here.

Discover the hidden potential of your collection

All gardens have different missions to fulfil and one solution will not suit all. That's why IrisBG is flexible at its core and allows you to add new modules, collections and concurrent users to reflect your needs.

Collection management for us means that you can make record keeping a collaborative effort and increase the added value of your data.

With IrisBG your powerful collection data can be utilised to make informed sustainable business decisions, inspire young and old to become excited about nature and engage your local community.

Contribute to the larger botanical community and share seeds and data with other institutions through seed exchange and predefined reports to BGCI etc. Read more.

For garden managers and staff

IrisBG enables you to work interdisciplinary so you can make collection management a collaborative effort. You will find that IrisBG is easy to use and efficient for your garden management.

  • Full ownership of your software licence and data. If you for whatever reason are not able to pay the annual Support and Maintenance fee you can still use the software. Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement
  • Comprehensive and feature rich screens for all your collection data.
  • High data quality ensured by input data validation and referential integrity. This minimises the possibility of entering erroneous data.
  • Low and predictable total cost of ownership as the solution is easy and efficient to use and all our prices are transparent with no hidden costs or unwanted surprises.
  • Support and software updates are included in the annual fee.
  • Detailed access control enables interdisciplinary collaborative work with your data.
  • Self-paced training with Q&A follow-up is included with each purchase.
  • A large and engaged community contributing to software improvements and sharing their knowledge with each other across institutions and borders.
  • You can decide whether you want to host your solution locally, in the cloud or with our Cloud database hosting service.

We offer data cleaning and migration from your current system and hosting of your database. Contact us for price and details.

For your garden visitors

With the IrisBG Web Explorer you can share your collection data with the public with just a click. In addition to sharing information about the plants in your collection, you can also create self-guided Tours for education, citizen science projects or general garden tours. Feature your art, memorial trees- and benches and more.

  • Device independence enables use in web browsers on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Customise appearance and visible content to match your branded profile.
  • Built-in support for GPS, QR codes and multiple languages.
  • Upload data on demand or on a scheduled basis.
  • Visit our Web Explorer directoryto see how gardens use the Web Explorer.

We offer cloud hosting of your Web Explorer solution.