This is IrisBG.


Making collection management easy since 1996

Our journey began back in 1996, when the first version of IrisBG was developed by Øyvind Rustan (Compositae AS) in close collaboration with the Botanical Garden, University of Oslo in Norway. The latest version 4 was released in 2018 and introduced several new features to IrisBG. Since December 2019 Compositae has taken over full international distribution and IrisBG is managed by father and daughter.

We believe that IrisBG should serve as a helpful tool that facilitates everyday work with your collection. Whether it is accessioning, sharing plant material with other institutions, creating a new tour on your premises or tracking location on seedlings being planted in your garden.

One of our major success factors is our engaged community who is sharing their experience and guidance to other members, as well as continuously feeding back suggestions for improvement to us. Each new version of IrisBG is the result of a combination of feature requests from our community, research and development improvements.

Today, IrisBG is one of the most comprehensive integrated software solutions available for botanical gardens, arboreta and private estates.

Contact us to be referred to one of our Reference Gardens, or check our community map or list of users to see collections near you.

IrisBG® is delivered by Compositae AS.